Lie Detector Test Leicester

leicester-mini-polygraph-logoFor more than eighty years polygraph (a type of lie detector test leicester) has been the gold-standard technique employed to resolve criminal cases, but is becoming ever more popular to resolve non-criminal issues like family disputes, infidelity, utilization of drugs or alcohol, gambling, cheating on exams in school

The polygraph is simply a machine that measures heartbeat, breathing, skin resistance or sweating and blood pressure levels. At Leicester Polygraph our experts look at lie detector test charts, or graphs, to accurately determine whether one is deceptive in answering questions by way of a simple good or bad. Therefore, the phrase “polygraph” is often a descriptive word meaning “poly” more the one, “graph” is what this means or refers back to the graphs manufactured by the 4 measuring devices. The polygraph machine is not a lie detector since it doesn’t detect lies. The operator is paramount on the accuracy with the machine. Several years ago the show, “Mythbusters” concluded from a group of tests a person cannot beat the equipment. However, a person could possibly beat the operator’s capability to see the charts in the event it person can control any of the four elements involved. If a person can “on demand” slow down the beating from the heart or increase hypertension, as an example, with the correct time under questioning, it’s possible.

The term lie detector test leicester is really a misnomer. The polygraph, voice stress analysis, handwriting, textual analysis, etc. are viewed to provide evidence of dishonest responding. However, these techniques actually measure physical states and other behavioral data imperfectly correlated with lying. In spite of impressive, modern day instrumentation and scientific methodologies, peer reviewed research has not consistently reported rates of accuracy qualifying for admissibility in many courts of law. Many experts inside legal field would rather utilize these techniques as investigatory tools or to enhance interrogation rather than detecting lies.